5 Surprising Characteristics Of Millennials In The Workplace

More often than not, the term ‘millennials’ has always been associated with some negative stereotypes in the society; the self-centered generation or Generation Me, the politically apathetic and narcissist generation, and the generation accused of not being able to live in peace without a smartphone.
The society needs to shift their attention to focus on the strengths of the millennials, simply because millennials are the world’s future leaders, and people should believe in them.
Based on several studies, millennials are actually a generation which marked with some positive characteristics, such as creativity, open-mindedness, flexibility, a strong sense of social responsibility, and a strong concern towards the environment. Based on Deloitte Global Survey, when it comes to business or a workplace circumstance, here are 5 characteristics of millennials that the society needs to know:

1. Millennials are more likely to be interested in ethical and societal-oriented businesses

Money oriented or profit-making business is not attractive enough for millennials who have a strong sense of social responsibility; they value social impact more than money. They also believe that a business has to “behave in an ethical manner” and they want to be engaged in the business in which its leaders are committed to improving the society’s welfare.

2. Millennials have a strong ambition to lead

It has already known that millennials are really characterized by the lack of loyalty to the organization which they involved, but there is a strong way to retaining their presence; let them lead. A study proved that leadership is the main key to making millennials stay in the organization more than 5 years. These are because millennials have a strong sense of personal value; they need to actualize their personal skills through some leadership roles.

3. Millennials love to have a mentor

Mentoring has a positive impact in approximately 61% of millennials. A mentoring activity makes millennials feel that somebody is interested in their professional development and they are always craving for some good advice from their mentors. With a mentorship activity, millennials are more likely satisfied with their working lives.

4. Work-life balance is highly important for Millennials

When it comes to evaluating job opportunities, a good work-life balance is more important for millennials rather than its career progression. They are more likely to be engaged in the organizations which allow them to not only work hard but also play hard. Most of the millennials also prefer a collaborative work culture rather than a competitive one.

5. Millennials want to feel in control over their own career paths

Three-quarters of millennials are confident and feel in control of their career paths. In many aspects of their lives, millennials don’t like to be controlled by others; they like to receive advice, but not orders. They like to be in “total control” of their own lives, especially in their career plans. Millennials will most likely stay in the organizations which allow them to plan their own career progressions.
Despite all the good and bad characteristics of a generation, the most important thing to do is to compromise and tolerant of all the people in our surroundings. Every human, whatever his or her generation is, have some strengths and weaknesses at the same time; we have to cherish their presence in order to develop the society. Because at the end of the day, there is no need to compete with each generation; it’s all come down to nothing but unity.
Featured image via pexels
Originally published at Unwritten (November 21, 2016)