New Year’s Resolutions: The Truth Behind Our Empty Promises

More often than not, a new year comes with new resolutions. Resolutions make you feel hopeful and they encourage you to be better in the next year ahead. Those lists of resolutions are the wishes you’d like to accomplish even though you know they have to be accompanied by hard work and self-discipline. But, have you ever thought, that making a New Year’s resolution is a waste of time since many of them don’t happen?
Maybe some of you failed to accomplish it and you don’t want to make other resolutions for fear of letting yourself down again. You will start to live one day at a time without any exact goals. But, what if I tell you, that actually, you never failed on those past New Year’s resolutions? The truth is, you are actually never failed on your resolutions or your personal goals that you’ve written.
New Year’s resolutions are not about one moment of success and all the compliments that come from other people after you reach it. It is about the struggles you’ve been through to want to strive for those resolutions; it’s about your tears, your hard work, persistence, and those bad days you’ve gone through.
New Year’s resolutions are your guidelines to be a better you. Resolutions don’t hold the promise for a successful life, but they contain unlimited life lessons that you have to learn. Resolutions that you’ve written were the hopes and wishes that you’d like to achieve; it’s great if it really happens, but it doesn’t make you a failure if they don’t.
The key to having a happy and a successful life is our own mind. I know that you will always give your best to reach those goals, but please remember that you have to be kind to yourself too. Give your best in everything but with fewer expectations of a perfect outcome. Make your resolutions based on self-love rather than society’s expectations. Make those resolutions because you want to live healthier, happier, and better than the previous year; it all comes down to your well-being, not other people’s validations.
Be proud of who you are; be proud that you’ve made this far and you’ve survived all the storms and those bad days in a year.
Everything takes time and so do your achievements and goals. Maybe some of your goals won’t happen next year, but it’s okay because someday they will. Calm down and just try your best; the universe will never forget those people who work hard on the things they fight for. Someday, you’ll get there as long as you don’t stop.     
In this New Year, let’s make a new resolution or simply continue those lists of resolutions which haven’t been implemented. Always remember that the main thing is not about its success, but in the struggles behind it. As long as you don’t stop trying your best in everything that you do, you are not a failure.
Feature Image via pexels
Originally published at Unwritten (January 2, 2017)