Spread The Love: 3 Simple Things That’ll Make The World A Better Place

Do you ever realize that nowadays, there’s a lot of hatred and negative vibes that are spreading across the world?
Sometimes, those negative issues are making you hopeless because you feel powerless to make everything better. But the truth is, you can always make a difference with the smallest thing you do towards other people around you.
A hero is not always those who becomes a volunteer in conflict areas, a hero is someone who helps someone in need or spreads kindness through the world. You can be a hero too. So, here are 3 simple things you can do to make the world a better place to be lived in:  
1. Think before you act, be critical before you believe
More often than not, hatred spreads because of impulsiveness; people tend to click those ‘Share’ buttons for controversial issues on the internet before they learn about the issues. Ironically, not all the news and issues are 100% true. Before you believe and judge something as positive and vice versa, please prioritize to think objectively. Don’t be so quick to judge, because everything has many points of view.
Think about the consequences of your behaviors in other people; question yourself: if I’m doing this, is there any positive effect afterward? Always consider the consequences of your behaviors, because even the smallest thing you do will always make a response from others.  
2. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
Hatred also comes from the people who can’t shut their mouth on giving negative comments about something, and negative things will make any situations are worse than ever. So, if you want to make the world into a better place, be careful of what you want to say to others.
It doesn’t mean that you can’t speak up and stand for yourself; it means that you need to do everything with assertiveness. You can be bold and strong without hurting other people; all you need to do is find a nice way to speak up. Always remember that positivity always comes from love. Then, please don’t share anything with other people but love.
3. Help other people or pray for them.
There are so many ways to help others; even a smile can help someone from her depression. So, help as much as you can and give something to others, even it’s only a small thing. If you can’t help those people in need, then you have to pray for them.
Prayers can make a difference too, it gives you hope and hope creates positivity in your life. Always remember that you have to maintain your awareness towards those people who became the victims of war or disasters too. In this social media era, people tend to focus on themselves they forget about others; people like you is exactly the key to making the world into a better place. Help or pray, there is no in between.
More often than not, people become powerless to make a big difference they end up did nothing. At the end of the day, as long as you have the will to stay kind, then you are actually giving a contribution to world peace. You have the kindness inside yourself already, you just have to spread it, and the world needs more people like you.
Stay kind and spread the love.  
Featured image via pexels
Originally published at Unwritten (December 20, 2016)