What Living Passionately Means To 11 Different Millennials

To be a 20-something can be a struggle. We’re facing a lot of choices for our future; college major, career, life partner, and other personal developments. We need to think hard about what our true passions are, because that will help us along the way.
According to the dictionary, passion is something that arouses enthusiasm within yourself. In real life, I think passion is an abstract concept of a feeling which only can be defined personally. Passion is subjective because it has no specific indicator; this is why so many people are still looking for passion in their lives.
It will be easier to identify our passion if we can comprehend the meaning of it. So, I asked some people in their early 20’s regarding their own definitions of passion, and their answers were incredibly insightful. Here are some of their responses:  
Passion is something that you do for your life which is driven by your heart and you’re happy to do it without any reasons.” -Razii, 22
“Passion is the fuel that keeps our ‘engine of life’ functioning well; it is something that you do for your life. I know something is my passion when I’m feeling excited to do it even though it’s hard and tough as hell.” -IPR, 20
“Passion is something that you do with your whole heart. No matter how hard or how long it takes to do it, you’ll do it happily. How do you know whether something is your passion or not? Your heart will tell you.” -Nanda, 20
“Passion is the thing that you love to do. It is something you were born to do. It’s not necessary that you are an expert at your passion, but your ability will develop in time because you love to do it. It is actually a passion when we don’t hesitate to do it. We embrace it, without complaining.” -DM, 20
“Passion is my escape from routine. It is something that makes me feel alive. Passion is something that gives me endless inspiration toward my life.” –Rara, 21
“Passion is doing what you love to do. I know something is my passion when I’m not whining over anything that happened when I did it. For me, passion is not just a thing I love to do, but it’s something that makes me want to share my experiences to help other people.” –Rifa Daulay, 20
“Passion is the energy that keeps us going through this tough life. I know something is my passion when I forget to eat while doing it.” –Aninditha Byantara, 23
“Passion is something addictive, which gives you that kind of good “high” feeling when you do it. Some people are lucky enough to find a way to combine their passions and make a living out of it, and some just haven’t realized yet what their passions can do for them. When the job is your passion, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get tired. But it gives you guarantee that when you’re tired, you’ll always find a way to love it again.” –HAP, 21
Passion is when I didn’t expect a salary or payment after I did it.” –Alvin, 20
“Passion is something that you do wholeheartedly. I barely get tired when I’m passionate about what I’m doing. I feel ceaselessly energized, my whole life suddenly gets centered around it, and nothing else matters.” –Lisa, 21
“Passion is something that we do sincerely and it gives some kind of self-pleasure within yourself when you do it. It makes you grow because you just want to develop yourself in that field and it makes you become a better person.” –Intan, 21
So, I think we can all agree that we identify something as our passion if we love to do it, we are doing it wholeheartedly, and it brings us joy.
Their responses also told me that living well is not about money, but about a sense of joy and contentment in what you do. Nobody defined passion as something that is able to generate money or make them rich; they only mentioned happiness and motivation.
Passion is not something that is only self beneficial, but also something meaningful that we can contribute to our community. So, instead of worrying about our future plans, let us discover our own passion of life. In the end, when we find our passions, we’ll find our future as well.
Featured Image Via Gabi E. Mulder
Originally published at Unwritten (May 24, 2016)