Why The Life Of A Millennial Writer Is Anything But Ordinary

The life of a writer is complicated but beautiful at the same time. She knows exactly how she feels, yet she can only seem to express it through analogies, metaphors, and the rhymes in each of the sentences that she made. A writer feels too much, yet shows so little.
The life of a writer is full of contradictory things as she enjoys her time alone, yet she doesn’t want to feel lonely. She doesn’t like to be in a crowd because in a room of people, she can’t be herself. She has to fake her smiles, meanwhile, she knows she’ll be able, to tell the truth through her writings, as she pours her heart out onto paper.
The life of a writer is full of surprises as she is always learning new things and she always wants to write about them. She will be excited for those long trips to the road less traveled, to those concerts, she has never seen, or those deep conversations with the people she really adores. Her curiosity towards the world will lead her to write again and again, simply because a writer is a learner of life.
The life of a writer is full of love as she always wants to share her feelings with other people. When life brings her down to her knees, she will write about her pain and her struggle as she hopes someone out there, who fights the same battle, feels accompanied and not alone. She will share her happiness as well so she can celebrate with those who are smiling through life. She will make you feel things you didn’t know you felt, simply because she can express everything through her words. Deep down inside, a writer wants to make a difference for others, because, after all, she always wants to inspire.
The life of a writer is full of mindfulness and peace as she always heals through beautiful phrases and poems. She will transform her tears, her anger, and her disappointments into those pages of her next masterpieces. She will record her beautiful memories through each paragraph and her readers will remember all of the joys of their past. Those broken hearts, tears of joy, and that laughter will stay forever through her writings; she is a literary time machine.
The life of a writer is full of art; her mind is filled with her ideas and her heart continually spreads love through her pieces. When you live a life as a writer, you will know that your words have the power to give hope and love to others, and you should be proud of it because the world needs more people like you right now. Don’t stop spreading the love through your words; keep on writing and make your mess, your message.
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Originally published at Unwritten (November 18, 2016)