The Truth About Hard Times That The Society Never Told You

When you woke up today feeling blue, please remember that you only have 24 hours ahead of you to feel that way. You only have 24 hours to feel that your life is falling apart, your heart is shattered in pieces, and you hate the world that you live in. You only have 24 hours to hate your life, simply because you might feel and think different in the next day. In fact, maybe you will feel differently in less than 24 hours.

The truth is, every emotion that you feel is temporary, and so does your circumstance.

Please remember that whatever you’re going through right now, it will surely pass. Maybe not now, but in the meantime, it will pass. Without your concern, you will look back and realize that you’ve made it through. You will realize that you’re bigger, stronger, and braver than you used to. You will realize that the thing which made you suffered, was actually something minor and wasn’t even worth your tears. You will look back and realize that you deserve this whole world.

You will realize that the one thing which made you cry right now was actually only a small part of your life; only a small little part which won’t make yourself less than you actually are. That one obstacle is not defining who you really are, who you’re supposed to be, who you’ll become, and whether or not you’re fulfilling the society’s standards. That one obstacle is just another fight that you will win in the meantime. You won’t be defeated by that, simply because humans were born to survive.

Maybe right now, you’re losing that one person who you were really loved, struggling to get your Bachelor degree, looking for a decent job, or fighting that illness which makes you suffer. Whatever it is, somehow it will pass and you will find a way to deal with it. In those hard times, you will realize that the universe blessed you with some people who still love you even in your darkest days; the people who still value and respect you for the strengths you’ve possessed the people who make you feel at home where you can be at your worst and they will stay just because.

Those dark days will make you realize that the most crucial thing is not about how to succeed in life, but how you love and be loved by the people in your surroundings.

The next time you feel fail in life, remember that you only have 24 hours to feel that way, but you have the rest of your life to love the people in your surroundings. Remember that the money you’ll earn, the cum Laude degree that you’ve got, or all the success in life is nothing compared with the people who love you for who you are. Those failures were only small parts of your life, while the people in it are your true success in life.

Hold on for one more day. Your feelings are temporary, you deserve this whole life, and you deserve to be loved. For the sake of your loved ones, hold on for just another 24 hours and when you will feel the same tomorrow, try to hold on for the next 24 hours, do it again, again, and again. Things will change, your circumstances will change.

In the end, let’s try to see the big picture rather than focusing on your small part of the obstacle; there are people who love you and they are the ones who you should focus on when life brings you down. 

Featured image via pexels
Republished at Unwritten (June 23, 2017)