Stay Single Until You Love Someone This Way

Stay single until you love someone so deeply it makes your expectations towards them disappear. You don’t expect them to return all the favors you’ve done for them and you don’t expect any reciprocation. The only expectation that you have is a guarantee that they are doing okay. You care about this person that much; their happiness is yours and nothing else matters.
Stay single until you love someone so much it genuinely nourishes your own soul. Your love towards them makes you grow wiser and gives your life a meaningful purpose. The love that you feel makes you learn countless life lessons about loving someone. It makes you feel brand new each day because you learn about compromising differences, holding back your anger, forgiving, and sharing the good and bad in life with them.
Stay single until you love someone so real it doesn’t feel irrational. The love for this person doesn’t make you lose your own logic; it feels beautiful, but realistic at the same time. The love that you possess makes you feel at ease instead of jumping in excitement. It makes you think clearly instead of filling your head with insecurities and obsession.
Stay single until you love someone so sincerely it makes you more aware of your surroundings. Your love towards this person also reflects in your behaviors towards others. It makes you give more without expecting anything in return. It makes you feel the need to help others again and again. It makes you understand that love doesn’t mean anything unless it’s being shared with other people.
Stay single until you love someone so passionately it makes you stronger instead of breaking you apart. The love that you feel makes you brave enough to embrace changes and take leaps from your comfort zone because you know love will catch you when you fall. It makes you feel grateful each day as you cherish the presence of this person you love. Your love towards them never feels complicated and it makes you feel secure.

Stay single until you love someone without losing yourself.

The love that you have towards this person makes you find your own self instead of making you feel lost. You love deeply but don’t lose your own well-being. You have no expectations but you realize and know the signs if they were to take you for granted. The love that you have isn’t blind. You’re brave enough to leave; you never forget the importance of self-love.
Stay single until you love someone without having an illusion. Love is not about how well the other person will sweep you off your feet. It’s not about ticking the box of your ideal-partner-checklists. But it’s about how good you take care of yourself first until you can take care the other person.
Stay single until you love someone so purely it doesn’t make you feel scared of letting go. Your love towards them makes you understand that nothing will last forever and you can’t make people stay. Thus, you seize every moment and you keep them close to your heart without holding them too tight.
Stay single until your love towards this person doesn’t hurt. At the end of the day, you will only receive the love you think you deserve. If you feel good about yourself because of the love that you possess, the universe will give the same kind of love to you from other people as well.
Stay single until you can love someone so wholeheartedly it makes you love yourself even more.

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Originally published at Thought Catalog (August 23, 2017)