What I Wish I Heard As A Fresh Millennial Graduate - Part II

In my previous article at Unwritten, which has the title of “What I Wish I Heard as A Fresh Millennial Graduate”, I've written about the insecurity of being a fresh graduate in this generation which is packed with outstanding yet talented human beings. I thought my anxiety and insecurity have stopped after I figure out one step at a time regarding my career paths and life decisions.

But it turns out; being in the post-graduate life is much more confusing than meets the eyes. You see, the thing about being in the post-graduate life is not only about how well you’ll get a job and earn some money, but it’s also about dealing with separations – which I’ve never ever be an expert on this thing.  

At first, you’ll feel the joy of being graduated; you’ll get excited when you imagine your new work life, new colleagues, and new things to pursue. Not to mention that excitement you feel when your friends were also graduating. But, then you’ll notice the empty feeling – the feeling when you realize that you’ll lose those people you used to hold on.

You’ll realize that you’re running out of time to spend more time with them and you start blaming yourself because, after all this time, you’ve taken those people for granted. You don’t want to lose them, but you kinda have to, because that’s just how it works. And that was the exact time when you’ll feel the pain – that’s when you realize that you might have a separation anxiety towards the people you love the most in your college life.

You’ll convince yourself that you’re ready to let go, but actually, you’ll never be ready until you lose them. You thought it’s going to be easy because you fully acknowledge that life goes on, but no, it’s not easy at all. Because those people have transformed themselves into a home where you could always feel safe and sound, but now you’re going to lose them without any guarantee whether they will come back to you or vice versa. And it hurts to realize that you can’t make them stay.

You might say to yourself that the universe will give you new people who will be your next homes, but still, people can’t be replaced as they have their own traces within us. Their presence might be replaced, but the way they affect our lives will always stay; the memories stay.    

As a fresh graduate who’s starting to feel the separation anxiety, I choose to believe that the people who are meant to be with us will always gravitate back toward us. I know it’s cliché, but I think that’s the only thing to hold on when people choose to grow apart with us. Because at the end of the day, we can’t make people stay, but we can choose to be the ones who stay.

Those people, who love you the same as you do to them, will choose to stay. Even though life will grow you apart, they will find their way back to you and so do you. Because you’ll be the one who selects them as you’re also the one who gives some efforts to always stay with them.

This is actually the perfect time for you to cherish every moment, which you still have with them. Before you’re getting your first job and getting busy with your new routines, spend as much time as you possibly can with them. Don’t think too much about your future loss, because you’ll lose your present moment instead.

Your post-graduate period is not the time when you lose some people, it’s actually the moment of truth to figure out the people who belong to stay in your life or otherwise. Always remember that a true and sincere connection between people can’t be broken by distance and time; they will always come back. 

Featured image via falllenskies